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So, you might want to think about how others experience you if you want to sell to them!

Do you want to be the one in your industry no one really knows or remembers or would you rather be the person who comes to mind because people know you, have a connection with you and trust you?

Well, hopefully that’s an obvious answer and that’s part of what Personal Branding is about. With the rise of Social Media, becoming known by a much greater audience much faster has become infinitely possible. It’s not the only way to spread your Personal Brand but it’s one way that many people are connecting with others. Why not take advantage of that?

But it’s not all about you and what you can get.There are other reasons for developing your Personal Brand and these are the ones I really warm to.

Think about the people you know and trust. Let’s say you mention you need someone to clean your windows and they recommend Superduper Clean Windows down the road. Will you bother researching anymore?

Let’s say the person you know and trust and connect on many levels with is a big supporter of a charity for endangered Hoooliwigs and they’re organising a fundraising breakfast. It’s quite likely you’ll feel like that’s a great cause too and will go along and donate money for the Hoooliwigs, while also networking with all their great connections.

What this means then, is that when you grow your own personal brand and gain a larger loyal audience with strong connections to who you really are, you have the ability to help grow other businesses and causes you believe in. However, this also means that with a big audience comes great responsibility.

When you’ve got a popular Personal Brand and you have a loyal, committed audience, you become an influencer and a role model. That’s why, when developing your Personal Brand, you want to have a very in-depth think about who you are and what values you live by. What adjectives describe the real you? What parts of you are you willing to share? What vulnerabilities will you show? Who is your ideal audience and what stories will they connect with? What are your interests and passions?

When you believe you have to be the ultimate professional and stay in the background because you think people only care about your product or service you miss the opportunity to make a connection. You haven't shared enough for others to experience you in a memorable way. Let your personality shine.

On the other hand, you also don’t want to be the lady who is remembered for having a monster of a personality either! I’m thinking you might not be attracting your ideal audience if you are. So, think about the experience others have of you and how your Personal Brand is developing even when you’re not focussing on it.

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