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So, why worry about this personal brand stuff when I've got a bloody good business brand?

Why, what a coincidence, I've put together five reasons that will answer that very question!

Human Connection: People respond and connect to meaning - the real stories of our lives. It's easier to connect with a person with shared interests than with a business with shiny new products. They might buy the shiny new products but they keep coming back due to their connection with you.

“…people don’t fall in love with a business – they fall in love with the person running it and that’s what they respond so positively to.” - Robyn Icks, Photographer.

If someone likes you, wants to know more about you and feels like you could be their friend, you have a stronger connection and are more likely to gain a loyal follower and hopefully, a loyal customer.

Unintentional Personal Brand: You have a personal brand whether you've intentionally worked on it or not -it's just called your 'personality'. What you are sharing of your personality may be putting some people off and it may be attracting others. Where a business brand is something intentionally defined - colours, logo, values, ideal clients - a personal brand may be very ad-hoc. And therein lies the clue. When we're a bit more intentional about the 'personality' we show and share (like we are with a business brand), we may be better at attracting our ideal clients.

Carry-over followers: Entrepreneurial types will often be involved in more than one business and often multiple charities. When you have a great personal brand, people won't know each business as separate, unrelated entities, they will know and trust YOU and be aware of all your businesses and areas of influence. A personal brand means you can carry-over many of your loyal clients to other areas.

Gain great friends & networks: The more you share of yourself, the more you give people who have similar interests, values and lives a chance to know and connect with you. Both online and offline you will find that you gain some strong friendships and networks when you engage with your new audience.

Become more confident:

"Developing your personal brand requires you to find your authentic voice. The process of creating one develops who you are -- the unique you. When you find your voice, and your audiences start to react positively, that builds self-confidence and self-esteem and allows you to find yourself in a meaningful way."
Matt Sweetwood / Entrepreneur

No more needs to be said on that one really. Matt nailed it :-)

Business brands are essential and important. For a stronger connection, make sure you come out from behind it and let them know the person/people behind the business as well!

Mike Chiappa, Personal Trainer on Facebook @shapshift365

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