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So, who invented this fandangled new personal brand jargon?

Personal Branding is nothing new!

Yes, the term 'personal branding' seems to be the new big thing and those of us starting businesses and using a lot of social media will have seen it pop up again and again of late. But, the concept of personal branding has been around, well, forever - because it's about your personality and people connecting with you.

I'll tell you a little story to demonstrate:

Bob is new to town and he meets a guy, Steve, down at the local on a Friday night when a mutual friend introduces them. They have a little yarn and find out they both follow the local rugby team and are car fanatics. They catch up every now and then on a Friday where Bob, who has an extensive knowledge of engines and car accessories, often give Steve ideas and advice on what to do with a couple of cars he is working on in his shed. After a year or so, these guys have got to know each other, they have connected on a few things, and add value to each other's lives.

One day, Steve's got a busy week and he has a wedding at the weekend that he's supposed to take Aunt Mary and cousin Katy to as well. He knows his car is filthy and he doesn't have time to clean it out.

Steve doesn't look up Car valet in the yellow pages and he doesn't ring around to find out the cheapest prices. Because...., it just so happens that he knows Bob owns a Car Valet business! Bob has never pushed Steve to use his business. It's just come up in conversation. He rings Bob straight away and books his car in.

Why? Because he knows Bob, he likes Bob and he trusts Bob.

Thankfully, Bob does a great job and Aunt Mary compliments Steve on the clean-smelling car.

The story doesn't end there!

A few weeks later, Aunt Mary asks Steve who it was that cleaned the car because her lovely friend, Sally, needs hers done too, and Sally's husband also owns a business with a fleet of twelve cars so maybe they could get his number also.

You see how it works? It may be days, weeks, months or years down the road when someone may require the services or products you offer. It may not be obvious that you have gained business from your 'personal brand' but because Steve already knew Bob and trusted Bob, it was an obvious, easy decision where to take his business.

So, personal brand is the new fandangled term for something that is actually a natural phenomenon in human society. Call it whatever you like but make sure you consider sharing yours!

Lesley Leech, on Facebook @raspberryberet and online https://www.yourtalentpipeline.co.nz/

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