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So, what's this Personal Brand stuff?

Okay, so you've heard about this Personal Brand stuff - but what is it in terms of a regular Joe or Jane Bloggs? ('cos I certainly ain't no Kim Kardashian) and is it really something us down-to-earth kiwis want to be using?

Firstly, let's look at the difference between marketing and branding.

“Branding is not push, but pull” James Heaton

Basically, marketing is what you do. It's tactical, step-by-step - actually going out and taking action to get clients. Which may contribute to your brand - but your brand is bigger than any particular marketing effort. It's built-up over time in a number of ways.

Your BRAND is an overall impression.

We usually think of a brand as related to a business - ie what sticks in people's minds when they think of your products, service and organisation.

However, the new term, PERSONAL BRAND, is about an individual person. It's actually something everyone has, whether they cultivate it or not! It's who you are - it's the impression you give and the feeling others get from you.

Mark Shaefer explains, "Your Brand isn’t about you – It’s about how others experience you".

So, if you're Kim Kardashian (which I am definitely not) the five words describing people's experience of you may be: luxury, beauty, vanity, privilege, style. Due to the stories she has shared and others have shared about her.

So, this personal brand stuff is actually the total experience of someone having a relationship with who you are and what you represent as an individual. So, even us down-to-earth kiwis have one even when we're not trying.

Next post, I'll mention why you might want to think about how you're seen and look into developing your personal brand.

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