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So, maybe I'll share some real hot photos of me at a wedding ten years ago for my personal brand!

Aaaah, yeah, that might not be the best idea .. but man that's so common!!

"Live your brand, and let your social media followers see you living it!" - Kraig Kleeman

In earlier blogs, I explained what this personal brand stuff is, discussed why it's a good idea to share more of your own stories and talked about why it might be a good idea to think about how you are seen by others. Now I want to delve into how your choice of images helps develop your Personal Brand.

Firstly, when we say 'develop a personal brand' we don't mean 'make it up'. Personal branding does not mean being fake and pretending to be someone you're not (or someone you might have been ten years ago, lol). It means focussing on being more of who you naturally are and who you want to be so that you can perform and serve at your optimal levels. This is exactly what the highly successful sales expert, Kraig Kleeman, did.

There was a point at which Kraig, the author of 'A Winning Brand', realised that he didn't want to "post pictures that looked like just anyone could have taken them." He realised that he needed to "post content that reflected the personal brand (he) was building." From then on, his photos showed his unique journey and his life in a bold way. He decided to only post images that were cohesive with what he identified about himself as his personal blend of interests, values, hobbies, skills etc. For Kraig, this meant images that are 'hopeful' or images that have a 'rock'n'roll vibe", and images of himself in dark glasses and peace sign necklaces.

He also identified the profile picture and cover picture (on Facebook) as being of even greater importance than other images, as this is the first thing people see when they come to a page. If this is a bland image or an over-glamorous image that doesn't really convey your true self then the thousand words this picture speaks are not necessarily the ones you want them to say.

I'm a pretty un-put-together kind of person. I have a rather casual approach to dressing to put it nicely. If my profile photo showed me with bright lippy, carefully styled hair, squished into a formal dress or suit... well I'm just not going to attract the kind of people who will understand me and I'll take those poor souls by surprise and probably disappoint them when they meet me.

The images I captured for the lovely Helen of Soul Flow Yoga for her social media and marketing could never be effectively duplicated by anyone else as they convey her authentic story. There is no other person with this unique combination of hair, sand, yoga movement, meditation, scenery, expressions and values of freedom and stillness. Helen and I spoke in depth about all these aspects to help us build a picture of the type and style of images that would be perfect for her.

So, think about how you want to be recognised and whether your content and especially your photos are in keeping with that theme. If you've never managed to look as hot as you did in that photo from ten years ago again, maybe it's time to file that one away in a 'Once I was hot' album and work with reality.

“Don’t be afraid to let people in on your daily life. If you post little snippets of your life, people will love following you… It’s important for your social media to be a reflection of yourself, personality and all” - Forbes.com.

And remember: we want people to know us and to follow us ... not because we want to be famous or show off but because we want to add value to their lives and ideally have THEM think of US when a need arises that we can serve.

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