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So, how come I use social media all the time to try and sell my stuff and it's not working?

SOCIAL media - hmmm, It's not 'sales' media or 'service' media so why do we recommend people use it to help them with their businesses?

Well quite simply, although some 'sales' can be made through social media it is predominantly about BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS.

The reality is, personal branding via Social Media can lead to real business but it often doesn't happen if you try to "force" it. It usually happens when you try to connect with other people and share with them what you have learned, and try to learn from and get to know them as well.

Facebook, Instagram, podcasts, Snapchat.... they can all be seen as a waste of time but that's because the benefits may not be immediately obvious. Connecting with our audience and establishing relationships won't happen rapidly in most cases. And unlike some marketing tactics, it's difficult to measure the benefits.

You may not even realise the link between the person who purchases from you six months down the track from when they connected strongly with an amazing photo you posted with a meaningful message, However, chances are that's how they first began to get to know you.

Social Media Today reports that social media users have risen by 176M in the last year, with 12 new active mobile social users joining every second. A study by Universal McCann found that 71% of social media users are more likely to purchase from a brand they follow online.

Speaking from experience, don't pressure people to buy from you via social media! If they notice you and connect with you authentically it's a natural process. A lady sent me the following message via Instagram:

"Hi gorgeous, hope you're having a beautiful long weekend. Sorry for the random message but I've been following you for a bit and I'm wondering if you're keen to learn about ................"

So, obviously she doesn't know more (or she wouldn't have called me gorgeous) and she doesn't actually care about me. I'm not sure how you would have reacted but for me, I immediately put a wall up. If she is following me, how does that imply I'm interested in what she offers? If she is following me but not engaging with me at all by commenting or asking questions, how am I going to notice her and connect with her? If I do notice her and I feel a connection and like what I see - I will start engaging with her authentically.

So the message today is - Please don't try to pressure people to buy via social media. Just be social by connecting, helping, sharing and engaging authentically. You can still be authentic when you go out of your way to make real connections. This will help you build relationships - because it's called SOCIAL media.

Tania of Tania's Kitchen https://www.taniaskitchen.co.nz/

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