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I’m Rachel Ross, photographer and educator and founder of Focus Personal Branding. I specialise in helping good people with a purpose to reach and connect with their ideal audience, to not only grow their business but also to add value to the lives of others.


If you’re struggling to increase your social media engagement and you haven’t any authentic images of yourself to help tell your unique story, I’m here for you!


I know how well Personal Branding works because I’ve seen the proof. I’m passionate about serving people with great products and services who can see the power and huge potential of a personal brand.


I have a degree in Education and have been photographing for over twelve years.


“I want to help you regularly and consistently capture the attention of those who will want to do business with you.”


With my website due for an overhaul I knew I needed some new images of myself as I know that as a business person/entrepreneur people must know who you are in order to trust your brand. I have for quite some time been hiding from my readers as I am an introvert and have always been very uncomfortable being in front of a camera so I had put it off for a very long time...until along came Rachel. Rachel put all of my anxieties at ease before our photo shoot so that I felt not only confident beforehand but comfortable on the day and she is such an amazing photographer that to my delight and surprise the images turned out great! 

Rachel Ross



Bay View, Napier

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